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The Basics

In our blogs we will giving you everything that you need to know to host a successful golf tournament. We will start with the basics: Putting a plan together, recruiting and training a volunteer committee, finding the best golf course and negotiating the best deal, choosing the right format, selling sponsors, recruiting golfers, buying gifts and prizes, covering the services that you will need, auctions, awards ceremony and the tournament evaluation. If there is anything that we do not cover please ask and we will cover it.

Volunteer Committees

We will go in depth about your volunteers. They are the secret to your success. We will cover how to find them, how to recruit them, how t train them, motivate them and hold them accountable. This will be a very important section for your success.

Selling Sponsors

The sponsors are your profit. The major source of revenue. We will discuss how to find them, how to create the best sponsor packages and how to sell them. If you want to make big money, follow this section closely.

Formats, Scoring, Games and Contests

The format and scoring method that you use will assist not only in increasing participation but also maximizing your revenue.

Gifts and Prizes

In this section we will discuss how important gifts and prizes are. You will be judged by the gifts and prizes that you give out. We will cover not only the best gifts that are available but also how to obtain them, buy them right and get them paid for by someone else.


The services that you will need are the intangibles. These are the glue that holds the event together. We will cover what they are and how to use them properly and who offers the best services.

Success Stories

There are many great events out there. Some are successful financially, some in participation and others with uniqueness. We will share many of their stories with you.

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