Hole #18. Building the Future for your event

“Build on what you have started”

The wrap up can help ensure that your tournament will be even more successful next year. The wrap up will allow you to evaluate this year’s event and determine what went well and what needs work for next year. Follow these guidelines:

  • Committee Evaluation Meeting – 2 weeks after the event, bring everyone together and discuss the things that went well and the things that need improvement.
  • Pay all of the Bills – Make sure that you pay all of the bills in a timely manner; it will ensure that everyone welcomes you back next year.
  • Clean Up the Mess – Have the committee do a walkthrough of the registration area and awards ceremony area and clean up.
  • Thank all of the Golf Course Employees – Be professional.
  • Send out all Unclaimed Prizes – This shows integrity; golfers will appreciate it and sign up for next year.
  • Pick up the Sponsor Signs – Use them next year or send them to the sponsors.
  • Collect all Fees – Collect all sponsor money and golfer money before the event. It is hard to collect after the event.
  • Balance Budget – Make sure you determine how much money you made on the event. You can let everyone know and send out a press release.
  • Determine money raised for Charity – Make it known that your tournament was successful in raising the money it set out to.


Most Tournament Planners will forget about the tournament for 6 to 8 months and then start all over with 0 golfers and 0 sponsors. Let’s think about building on what you have started. Added to what you have done instead of starting over.

Here are some ideas to build on what you have started.

Golf Course – Book the golf course one year in advance so you can get the jump on other events and you can start sending out save the date messages so that golfers will put it in their calendars.

Golfers – Offer your current golfers at the awards ceremony to sign up now for next year. Make them a special offer, get a $10 deposit and give them a sleeve of golf balls. You will have your field half sold out for next year. 

Sponsors – Sit down with your sponsors at the awards ceremony and ask them what they think of the event. Get their ideas and then sign them up for next year now. You can promote them all year round and they will receive more value. Plus sign them up for a 3 year agreement so you do not have to renew them year after year.

If you try this stuff you will get a head start on next year and not have to start from scratch.

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Phil Immordino, President: Golf Tournament Association of America, Night Golf Tournament Association, National Golf Sales Rep Association. Author, Speaker, Producer, promoter, Tournament Director, Sales Person, Publisher, Radio Show Host Client List: PGA Show, ClubCorp, Arcis, Century Golf, Arnold Palmer, American Golf, Kemper, Honors, Srixon, Cleveland, IGATE, Forbes, NYSE, Autotrader, Cadillac, PGA, NGCOA, American Cancer Society, American Lung, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Make A Wish, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, Ronald McDonald House, Rotary, March of Dimes, Special Olympics, United Way, Cystic Fibrosis, Jr. Achievement, American Red Cross. Contact Information: pimmordino@gtaaweb.org 602-524-7034

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