Hole #13. Branding Your Event with signs and banners

“Make Your Event Look Big”

 There is a lot of competition in the Charity Golf Tournament World. Our job is to make our tournament look bigger and better than the others to impress players and sponsors. We can make our events look bigger and better using signs and banners. Almost all charity events have the same type of signs, 1’ x 2’ plastic on a wire stand. These signs show that it is a small charity event. Professional golf tournaments use big signs, banners and billboards. Make your event look professional by making your signs bigger and more colorful. Your sponsors will love you and other companies will want to be involved next year.


Tournament Banner – The Tournament Banner should be large enough and in full view of everyone. It should include the name of the event and Title Sponsor. An average size banner should be 3’ high x 6’ wide.

Sponsor Sign – One large sign can be placed at the registration table and include all of the sponsor logos. Size should be 3’ wide x 6’ high.

Hole Signs – A sign can be placed on the tee box of every hole. If you have more than 18, you can put 2 on each tee box or 1 on the tee box and 1 on the green. The size should be 18” x 24”, and can be placed on wooden stakes and pounded into the ground. Some signs are made to be placed on wire stands. We suggest that you put the name of the hole sponsor with their logo on this sign and the name of the tournament at the bottom of this sign.

Cart Signage – These are small 8-1/2” x 11” signs placed on the all of the carts, usually on the front of the cart. This sign should include the name of the tournament and the Title Sponsor.

Flags – Special flags can be created to put on the pins of each hole. The name of the tournament and Title Sponsor should be included. Make sure that you get permission from the golf course to replace the flag signs for the tournament.


Flex Banners – These add a tremendous impact to your event. 15’ tall and lined up at the entrance and driving range shows a major event.

Cart Path Sign – These are new and unique. Placed along the cart path and have a big presence and show major sponsor logos.

Sand Bunker Logos – These are very special and not many groups are using them but also make a major impact as they are seen by every golfer.

Signs and banners will help make your event look like a major tournament.

Published by phillimmordino

Phil Immordino, President: Golf Tournament Association of America, Night Golf Tournament Association, National Golf Sales Rep Association. Author, Speaker, Producer, promoter, Tournament Director, Sales Person, Publisher, Radio Show Host Client List: PGA Show, ClubCorp, Arcis, Century Golf, Arnold Palmer, American Golf, Kemper, Honors, Srixon, Cleveland, IGATE, Forbes, NYSE, Autotrader, Cadillac, PGA, NGCOA, American Cancer Society, American Lung, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Make A Wish, Salvation Army, Big Brothers Big Sisters, YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, Ronald McDonald House, Rotary, March of Dimes, Special Olympics, United Way, Cystic Fibrosis, Jr. Achievement, American Red Cross. Contact Information: pimmordino@gtaaweb.org 602-524-7034

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